Where To Buy Your Night Guard

Where to buy night guard - modelIf you just learned from your dentist that you grind your teeth at night and need a night guard, or if you just broke your night guard and need a new one, or if you finally decided you deserve a new night guard after wearing your old one for many months, you might be asking yourself: “Where should I buy a night guard?”.

Read this article to learn the three places where you can get a night guard, whether you want to spend $30 or $600.

1. At your dentist

The main advantage to buy your night guard from your dentist is that it is the easiest option. Your dentist will do all the necessary work. He or she will take your teeth impression, fill out the paper work and ship them to the dental lab. He will then call you when he receives your night guard and see if it fits well on your teeth. Another meeting will normally be scheduled six months later for a follow up.

The main disadvantage to buy your night guard from your dentist is the high price. Having the service of a dentist is very expensive. Usually dentists charge between $500 to $700 for a custom night guard. As you will see on the third option below, it is possible to save your money by dealing directly with a dental lab.

Buying a custom night guard has many advantages over the one size fit all night guard from your drug store (option #2 below). It offers the best protection to your teeth from any grinding or clenching you may do when sleeping. And a custom made night guard has few and even in most cases no side effect. This is due to the slimmer design of the custom night guard compare with the cheaper drug store version. Most people find the custom night guard more comfortable and easier to sleep with. It has therefore a better acceptance on the long run. Keep in mind when looking where to buy a night guard that you will most likely have to wear it every night.

2. At the drugstore

Most drugstores offer cheaper “one size fit all” night guards for people who grind their teeth. The main advantage of getting your night guard from the drugstore is the price. A generic night guard will vary between $30 to $60.

Those “one size fit all” night guards are not custom made to your teeth. You have to boil and bite into the plastic that comes inside the box. This process alone can be difficult. It is usually a hit or miss. If the plastic mouth piece is too large, you can always cut it, but if it is too small and does not cover your back teeth, you have to throw it away and try another model.

The fact that those night guards are not custom made to your teeth made them thicker. This can cause serious and damaging side effects, such as:

  • increase teeth grinding during the night (your mind has the reflex of chewing as if you had food in your mouth)
  • jaw muscle pain
  • open bite

Because of those side effects, the boil and bite night guards have very low acceptance over long period of time. They also don’t last as long as the custom made night guards (possibly because of the increase grinding, but also because of the cheaper material). Their low price therefore can be costly over time.

3. Directly from the dental lab
Where to buy night guard - At the dental lab

Dental labs are now offering services directly to people who suffer from teeth grinding.

Thanks to the internet, you can now add the dental lab to the places where you can buy night guards. The night guards that the dental labs offer are the same custom high quality night guards that you can get from your dentist. The advantage is the cheaper price. You can easily save $300 to $500 by skipping your dentist high fees and dealing directly with the dental lab.

The disadvantage is that is it not as easy as letting your dentist do all the small work. You have to fill the form you receive yourself and ship back your teeth impression. But to save $500, most people don’t mind. And to have done it myself, it is not hard at all. See this graph below to understand how easy it is to get your own custom night guard:

I use the dental lab at Pro Teeth Guard and their staff are very friendly, always there to help you. Plus the free shipping and the 110% money-back guarantee make the experience really stress free.

There you have it, I hope this article answered your question of where to buy your night guard. If you have any tips or questions, post them below.

Marc Livingston

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