Top 5 Online Dental Labs for Custom Night Guards

More and more dental labs are skipping the dentist and offering custom night guards directly to us. But with that many choices, it can be hard to choose. Yet, the ease of ordering and receiving your own custom night guard at a fraction of the cost makes it a must for anyone suffering from teeth grinding.  Use this top 5 to quickly review the most popular online dental labs available today.

By Marc Livingston


Family owned dental lab for over 20 years. Excellent customer service. Best price and quality night guard available online. One of the only dental lab to offer free shipping in the US and Canada. Plus their night guards also come with a 110% money-back guarantee.

Located in: USA
Ship: USA and Canada


2Teeth Night Guard offers a good alternative for those living outside North America. While a few customers have been complaining about the quality of their night guards and delivery issues, their customer service always resolves complaints. Good selection of custom night guards and fair prices.

Located in: USA
Ship: Worldwide



Some links are not working and the website is not as user friendly as above. However, they have fair prices and a decent selection of custom night guards.
Located in: USA
Ship: Worldwide


The website has many broken links. It charges more for the same quality night guard as above. This dental lab has also been shown to fail to resolve complaint issues in the past.

Located in : USA
Ship: USA


Higher prices for the night guard and expensive shipping fee. There’s no reason to pay that much when other dental labs charge less.

Located in: USA
Ship: USA


Not much info on the lab itself. The only address is a PO box. Links to their social pages do not work. According to the BBB Business review, this dental lab is out of business.

  1. I had a LOUSY customer service experience with NightGuard Labs (FYI:They also own ProWhiteTeeth).

    It has taken me nearly 2 months to actually get my night guard.

    Round One: Sent in impression, along with THEIR form that lists my email address. Hear NADA for 2.5 weeks, not even an email saying, hey, it’s here, we’re working on it.

    No info available on their site when you login to check order status. I email them to inquire, and after a couple of days, they say, it’s shipping out on the 21st. Package finally arrives, marked as shipped on the 25th.

    And it was a second mold because my first impression was not usable! (The crappy instructions have photos so tiny as to be USELESS, and the first mold they sent me was too big for my mouth, an adult woman). The second mold was youth size, so guess they figured out the first mold would not have worked because I couldn’t clamp my teeth onto it without gagging.

    So, I take a new impression, and this time, I insure the package. (And they also included USEFUL instructions the second time around).

    They got the new impression on Dec 6, and I received it, at last, on Dec 26. Again, ZERO communication from them via that same form with my email address on it.

    Okay, the guard fits. But this company needs to bring in an expert in customer service (I am available for $1000 a day fee).


    Tip Two: Update the order status on your site.

    Tip Three: When the impression arrives, run it by the dental tech right away, who could have instantly ascertained that the impression was no good, and save 3 weeks of diddling around.

    Tip Four: Write better instructions. (Telling the customer there is enough material for a “mistake” is useless. If you mix the two materials all at once, they start to set immediately. So by the time you realize you’ve screwed up, there is no “do over”.) Provide a link to an online video demonstrating taking an impression (they are all over YouTube, which I found out after the fact).

    Basically, the overall impression I have of this company is they have 2 employees and a desktop mold maker.

    I’d steer clear of NightGuardLab and pay a little more for a company that actually grasps what customer service is.

  2. Do not buy from Night guard lab. I had a horrible experience. In the end I was charge $20 for shipping charges for a product that I never received.

  3. Ordered and paid for a night guard with NightGuardLab via PayPal. After 1 week, no confirmation email about delivery. Called and emailed numerous times – with no response. Today, their website is down. Paypal is now assisting me in looking into the matter.

    I don’t believe this is a legitimate company. Do not order from their site.

    • NightGuardLab and the 10 other subsidiaries/names they go by, looks to have been owned/run by Dr. John Berberian, who’s set up shop as WellCorp Rx, also in Atlanta. (770) 434-8633.

      If you have an order in with this company, I’d look into getting a refund through your credit card co. asap. I don’t expect to be getting my night guard, or refund.

      Anybody have connections to an attorney in Georgia to consider filing a class action lawsuit/and or consumer complaint against them?

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