Step 2: De-Stressing Your Way To A Clenching Free Night

Stress and Teeth Grinding

Now that you are wearing a night guard to protect your teeth, you are ready to get rid of the roots of your bruxism. How? By first reducing your daily stress. Awake bruxism is first and foremost associated with stress. Wearing a night guard without reducing your stress will only delay your problems caused by bruxism. You will have to replace your worn out night guard after a few months, which will end up being very costly. Reducing your stress, on the other hand, will help you get rid of any teeth grinding for good.

Do you suffer from:

  • Anxiety?
  • Anger?
  • Perfectionism?

Most bruxers are prone to those traits [1]
Step #2 will allow you to calm your nervous system and your jaw while sleeping by naturally increasing your dopamine levels and lowering your cortisol levels (the stress hormone). This is the key to stop the jaw muscle pain and the tension you may be feeling due to constant clenching during the night or during the day.

A multinational, large-scale population study of sleep bruxism revealed “highly stressful life” as a significant risk factor. [2] Reducing stress in your life will have a direct effect on reducing your teeth grinding.

So how can you reduce your stress and increase your dopamine levels?

The solutions below have been proven to be the most effective in reducing stress causing bruxism. Apply them today to have a restful sleep free of any grinding.

Relaxation Techniques

1. Exercise. Start moving! Exercising is one of the best way to reduce stress and feel great about oneself. Moving during the day also help you sleep better the next night. Any exercise is good: walking, jogging, swimming, taking your bicycle, going to the gym. But trying a new sport has been shown to be the best way to increase your dopamine levels and your feeling of well-being. So don’t hesitate to try something you have never done before.

2. Subliminal Messages. Bruxism is an unconscious reflex, that is why subliminal messages are so effective. They work directly on your subconscious mind. offers subliminal albums that includes affirmations to help you to experience a sensation of relaxation and a deep feeling of calm – naturally. It can be used as and when you need it: If you have had a tough day at work, or need to unwind simply put an album on and feel the stress melt away. It has helped hundreds of our members to reduce the frequency of their teeth grinding at night. There’s a good chance it can help you also. Try it today.


3. Take advantage of natural supplements. More and more members are reporting to us how by taking natural supplements, such as omega-3 from fish oil, they are able to feel more relax and in control. Some herbs and vitamins, like fish oil have been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.[3] I also recommend if you suffer from teeth grinding to take a magnesium supplement before going to bed. Magnesium helps relax the muscles. Those supplements can deal with bruxism directly at its source, the nervous system. A reduce cortisol level increases energy, concentration and a feeling of well being, without any side effect.

iherb coupon

If you are interesting in trying those natural supplements without paying too much, I recommend you order from They have the best prices online by far, and they offer inexpensive worldwide shipping. Use the coupon at the right to save an additional $10 from your order.


4. Hang out with friends. Your hapiness is in direct relation to how many friends you have hang out with during the day. If you feel like you may have neglected your social life lately, it may have cause you to grind your teeth even more during your sleep. Call a friend, organize an activity and watch your feeling of well-being rise.
Follow those 4 recommendations of Step 2 to reduce your stress and make teeth grinding a thing of your past.

Don’t forget STEP 1 and STEP 3 if you haven’t applied them already.

Marc Livingston
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