• hello,
    I am suffering from bruxism (that is to say I clench my teeth very hard especially at night, which causes friction.
    At first, my jaw cracked when I chewed and now they don't crack anymore but hurt when I eat or yawn. And I can not longer open my mouth as wide.
    I had a radio consultation with an osteopath who told me to go see a dentist to eventually wear a splint.
    I wish I could hear from people who have the same symptoms as me and therefore learn what are the solutions to get better.
    Thank you in advance for your reply
  • hello I got my teeth lengthen (they became so small because of teeth grinding) and after that I got all at once a sore jaw. Following the result of a radio and a MRI they discovered that I had a bone gap. The advice they told me is to eventually wear a night guard in your mouth. I will know more at the end of the month
  • Howdy!
    I am a dental assistant and in the office where I work, many of our patients have this kind of problem. Bruxism teeth grinding as you say causes a reduction of the height of your teeth in your mouth. You actually gnaw them without realizing it, they drop height. This lost of height causes many joint pain just below the ear. That is what you must feel.

    In our practice, we therefore explained to patients to wear a night guard as you mentioned.
    This mouth guard is put on the lower jaw and worn especially at night because that is the time you are most likely to clench your teeth. You will over time damage your mouth guard, you may even brake it, but your teeth will be protected. And secondly it will relieve the tension in your jaw, and the cracking and popping will be alleviated.

    The custom night guard suggested here is a great solution.

    After several months of wearing the night guard, our dentist performs total rehabilitation of the mouth with the height of the night guard as the best height you need to have to prevent any more trouble.

    He therefore makes crowns on those teeth that needs it, with the exact tooth color and crowns (ceramic) with this new height. YOU will feel relieved that is certain.
    Voila. Good luck and know that solutions exist.
  • Thank you for your answer but I still have a few more questions.

    Are night guards reimbursed by health insurance, because I got different answers?
    Some people say no and some say yes: who is right?

    The prices of custom night guard are extremely variable. I heard 300 to 600 dollars!
    Thank you in advance.
  • No, mouth guards are not covered by most insurance.

    The price in my office is $550... but it is in New York, maybe it's cheaper elsewhere.
    And you can now get your night guard directly from the dental lab and save a lot of money.
    This one was recommended before: DoItYourselfDentalImpressionKit

    Here I hope I was fairly complete but you can ask me more questions if you wish.
  • Thank you for all your information, I also needed a mouth guard for bruxism but my orthodontist told me that it was not reimbursed because there was no coding for it. She offers me $500, "package" including the custom mouth guard and a free visit every 3 months for 2 years. I personally do not want to go back... so I ordered from the dental lab you mentioned. The prices are just so much more affordable.
    Thank you so much!
  • Juny,
    I have ordered custom night guards both from DoItYourselfDentalImpressionKit and Pro Teeth Guard. And I highly recommend Pro Teeth Guard instead of the other one. Their prices are cheaper, their mouth guard fits better and their customer service is much more friendly.

    So if you need a night guard to protect your teeth, go for Pro Teeth Guard. They are the best.


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