• HELLO!i I am sooo depressed from this horrible condition I am sooo depressed I wait for night to come to go to sleep and stop grinding.. It has ruined my looks I look older now.. My jaw is protruding.. I am also bipolar so I am sure this is causing it to be worse and anxiety.. I brush my teeth 20 or more times a day it has thrown out my jaw and given me lines around my face I have no self esteem and I don't even want to go out I think I look freakis I dont care about anything anymore it is all I think about all day.. It has consumed me and OCD and I am prone to this kind of behavior It is killing me and my once nice looks.. It has caused lines around my face and makes me look angry. As I said I look at the clock all day just to go to bed and pray it won't be there in the morning but it always is..Does anyone else have this going on. I am so depressed from it.
  • PS.. am I right does this cause drooling??? I don't know what to do anymore it consumes my life!


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