upper or lower night guard ?
  • I have received information from my dentist that I grind down my teeth in my lower jaw , and need a night guard/. However I will order a night guard ( custom made ) as described in this site, but I don't know which is preferrable, to get the guard for the upper or lower teeth?
    I don't have any wear down of my front upper teeth, but much on the central lower front teeth/ flattened/
    Any advice ?
  • I have ordered both upper and lower night guards, and I find that both do the job fine.

    Dentist will usually try the upper night guard first. But the main difference is the night guard will lock your teeth in place. So if you find that your lower teeth are slightly changing position with the pressure of the clenching and grinding, a hard lower night guard will probably be preferable.

    I'm sure the folks at ProTeethGuard will be able to give you a more detailed answer.


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