Advice anyone..
  • Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl and I suffer from teeth grinding. I'm sad to say that its really starting to make me depressed and self conscious about my appearance. I have noticed changes in my teeth and they fit together when I clench. I told my dentist about this, but she doesn't seem to care. About two years ago I over exaggerated and I told her that I got really bad headaches from grinding my teeth. But the main reason I told her was so that I could get a mouthguard.
    I now have a mouthguard but it seems like I'm tearing that one down as well. Its a good quality mouth guard but it still feels like I'm damaging my lower teeth. It also makes my mouth feel very sensitive in the morning. I have asked my dentist if there's any way to fix the teeth I've ground down. Her reply was that she could make it look nicer, but it would most likely fall off and that I would just grind it away again and destroy it. I also asked if there was any way to stop me grinding my teeth but she has no advice, its just something I'll have to live with...

    Thing is, I really don't want to use a mouth guard for the rest of my life. And I don't want to watch my teeth getting smaller and worn out for each day that's passing by. Its really making me depressed. I wish there was some magic pill or something that I could take to stop but obviously that is not possible.

    I'd like to talk to anyone who suffer from teeth grinding and who's managed to stop... I really need some advice.

    ps, I hope everything I wrote is understandable. English is not my first language. :)
  • Hi nat, sorry for the late reply!

    If your lower teeth are getting smaller, I suggest wearing a soft (but thick) custom night guard on your lower teeth, instead of a hard night guard on your upper teeth. This will usually prevent any further damage.

    Teeth grinding at night can stop after a while, follow those tips to improve your chance:
    1. Follow a regular sleep schedule. Make sure to wake up at the same hour everyday, event on the weekends. And avoid working late or during the night.

    2. Make sure to reduce any unwanted stimulants in your bedroom, such as noise, light or movement from a bed partner. Those can trigger teeth grinding while you sleep.

    3. Deal with any stress issues you may have in your life. Adding relaxation ritual, such as yoga, tai chi, meditation can make a big difference.

    For more tips, check out step 1, 2 and 3 to stop teeth grinding here:


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