Night Guards - Are They All Bad?
  • Hi!
    I got to share my rant about those night guards you can find at drugstores. After wearing the custom night guard my dentist made me for the past two years, I decided it was time I bought a new night guard. But instead of getting another custom night guard, I thought I could save a lot of money and time by simply grabbing a night guard at my drugstore. Big mistake...

    I first bought the Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort two months ago. Conclusion? It is too small for me. It doesn't cover my back molars. I would woke up in the morning and only my back molars would be in contact when I closed my mouth. And that very uncomfortable jaw position would last sometime for hours. Since the Doctor's NightGuard Advanced Comfort comes in a "One size fits all", I had no choice but to throw it away. If you have a small jaw, or your child need a night guard, this one made work for you, but otherwise, don't waste your money on this one.

    Next, when I realized some of my teeth were no longer touching because of my new night guard, I went to another drugstore. I checked if they had any other model that would cover ALL my teeth, including my back molars. Turns out they had a store-brand night guard that is a little bit longer that the Doctor's Night Guard. The price was $29.99 compare to the $39 for the Doctor's Night Guard. (note to myself: buy store-brand more often).

    Back at home, I boiled and bit it. Conclusion? It only covers half of my back molars. It still causes my jaw to move and change its natural position.

    So I wasted almost a hundred bucks and I'm back at using my old custom night guard. My jaw and teeth are back to normal thanks to the custom fit. But I still needed to get a new night guard, so I ordered one from Pro Teeth Guard on this page:
    Turns out to be a lot cheaper than getting one from my dentist.

    I hope my post will help someone save a few dollars and a few trips to their drugstore.
    Good luck


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