Night Guard?
  • My dentist offered me today, because one of my teeth fell, to make me a custom transparent mouth guard, suitable to wear at night because I suffer from bruxism (my jaws grind during the night, destroying my teeth) and my teeth "work" too much as a result. According to him, this explains my fatigue, my headaches in the morning and my sore back. I don't put into question the diagnosis of bruxism but he added that the mouth guard would cost about $700, $400 up front, I wonder if this is really useful given the high price. I'm afraid that it will bother me at night and that I won't be able to stand this thing. Do any of you ever had to wear this? How have you supported it? Is it effective? Have you found other solutions against bruxism?

    Thank you very much for your answers.
  • After a period of adaptation, now I can't sleep without my night guard. I also had pain and at night I was also grinding my teeth. Moreover, the dentist found that my teeth were worn. I wish I had started wearing a night guard sooner!
  • How much did you pay for your night guard?
  • A lot less than your dentist, about $150. I used this dental lab:
    Pro Teeth Guard
  • I just want to give you my experience.

    I have been wearing a night guard and even two (one on my upper teeth and one on my bottom teeth, otherwise I wear it too quickly) for over 10 years. Actually it does not prevent me from grinding but at least my teeth are not being worn down.
    I sleep really well with it. The fact that it is custom made is what makes it really comfortable, you can put in on and forget about it while you fall asleep.

    My mother lost all her bottom teeth, I think partly because of bruxism. For a while, she would removed her fake teeth at night ... you know, the one you put in a glass of water on the nightstand.
    Well after 20 years with this device, she decided to have teeth implants and a fixed device ....... but now .... she grinds her teeth regularly and breaks her new teeth...

    When you are stressed, you can not do much .... but a night guard is your best friend.


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