Grinding of teeth and receeding gumline, very despaired
  • Hello!
    I have been struggling with receeding gumline for years now. I'm 32 and it only gets worse and worse.
    I brush with a sensitive brush very carefully and basically do all I can and it simply gets worse on multiple teeth.
    My dentist only says stuff like I need to brush carefully and that it's because of my grinding.
    I have been wearing a night guard which I got from the dentist for years now and still the gumline keeps receeding.
    What shall I do? On some teeth it's already so low that I think it can't get much lower!

    Recently I got a new night guard and I also wonder if this thing even protects my gum. It does protect the teeth, that's clear BUT the surface of the night guard isn't even. Basically there are uneven elevations where I can basically sink the front teeth of my lower jaw in and where I basically have a point to really press against. I just wonder isn't this totally wrong?
    I mean with this night guard I can basically gnash with my front teeth against a resistance. Shouldn't the surface of the night guard be totally even so that you can only slide with your lower jaw teeth on the surface but you don't find a point of resistance? I'm really a bit disappointed and I also don't understand why the new night guard has these humps. The old one was much more even.
  • Or do you have any advice what one could do against the gum issues? This is really dragging me down. Sometimes I have food caught between the teeth and the gum which I can't even remove anymore with the brush and then I have to brush over this spot like 20 times and then it starts to become red and bleed. :(
    But generally I don't have any inflammations.
  • please read my article I am beyond depressed from this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my teeth are about to break off. I am beyond depressed from this
  • After two years of periodontal treatment to improve/prevent my gum recession I tried bth4. The tenderness disappeared almost immediately, and the sensitivity to the acidic food. Try bth4, it is the best option out there.

    There is another option, it is a head band that beeps when detects muscle movements around your forehead, it is very proactive in preventing the clenching

    I tried both but I like better...


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