cure for teeth grinding and headache
  • hello I am Julia form Denmark. I suffer from the sleep disorder bruxism that is severe teeth grinding/clenching and daily headaches. Sometimes my headaches are so bad that I cannot do anything and pills do not help. I had to quit my job due to this. I have had it for about 5 years. I tried many different night guards. The one I have now is made by a dentist and is soft and shaped like a horses shoe and goes on my lower teeth. It helps protect my teeth but it does not help my headaches due to clenching. I have been treated by doctors and dentists for many years and I been through 2 "polysomnography" at the hospital. It is a test where you sleep with electric devices and videocamera showing to which extent you grind my teeth at night. It showed that I clench my teeth in a very hard way.
    I tried every treatment you can imagine: fisiotherapy, acupuncture, ciropractors, reflexology, yoga. I tried the Sleep right night guard but it was not good for me. Has anyone tried an anti snoring device as a cure for bruxism ? I need a divice that keeps me from biting down. Please let me know. Also if someone has tried hipnosis as a cure for bruxism. Thank you so much. Julia
  • Out of curiosity, did one of your sleep studies show that you were snoring right before a bruxism event?


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