Botox Treatment For Bruxism

  1. I paid $600 to get botox injections to stop my bruxism. It did reduce it a little bit for two months. But it turns out my teeth grinding at night was caused by me suffering from sleep apnea without knowing it. Make sure you don’t suffer from sleep apnea before getting botox treatment. Otherwise, you may be paying for nothing!

    • Thanks for the comment. I suffered from sleep apnea and tried all of the recommended procedures (cpap, sleeping on side, neck support pillow…). Ironically it was the bruxism that bothered me the most (daily headaches, jaw and tooth pain). I got my weight down to a healthy zone, had several surgeries after cpap didn’t seem to work after wearing it all night for several months (I had a very large uvula, deviated septum, enlarged turnbinates and my tonsils eventually enlarged). My latest sleep study indicated that I do not have sleep apnea any longer (AHI <1). I am left with the bruxism habit at night and finally found a dentist that administers Botox for bruxism. This has helped me tremendously as I have cracked teeth (with a nightguard) due to the intensity of my grinding. I agree that if you grind your teeth it may be related to sleep apnea and you should have a sleep study to rule it out (bruxism may also be related to stress or crooked teeth). I disagree that you may be paying for nothing since significantly reducing the grinding should help the person feel better during the day even if they have sleep apnea. This may in turn allow them to begin exercising to de-stress and loose weight. I have read that loosing weight, so that you are in a healthy zone, can cure sleep apnea since there is less weight around the neck and fatty deposits on the tongue allowing the airway to have more room for breathing.

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