Hi! I’m Marc Livingston, the creator of The Three Steps System to Get Rid of Bruxism for Good.

If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching at night or during the day, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions like:

    • What causes bruxism?
  • How can I get to stop clenching teeth at night or during the day?
  • How can I prevent wear and deformation of my teeth today before it gets worse?

I asked myself the same questions, because just like you, I suffered from bruxism for many years. And I waited too long before doing any research for a real cure. My teeth were getting shorter and shorter, I had gum recession and pain and soreness in my jaw during the day.

I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone. And that most people didn’t knew the answers to those questions. Even my dentist didn’t really know. He told me it was simply caused by stress and prescribed me expensive mouth guards after expensive mouth guards. But the thing is, I wasn’t that particularly stress, not compared to others. It turns out my sleep bruxism was caused by what is called “Upper airway resistance syndrome“, not by stress.

There is a good chance that most of what you were told about bruxism was wrong. You don’t have to suffer from bruxism any longer.

When it comes to bruxism, a dentist once told me: “There is much to learn and much to teach”. That’s when I had the idea to create CureYourBruxism.com It is your one stop destination to help you understand the three steps to cure bruxism for good. Together, we can de-bunk the most prevalent myths about bruxism and explore the real solutions, at home and at your dentist.

My point of view: We can’t rely only on our dentist if we want to cure bruxism at its root. We have to take an active role in our care.

Learn The First Step to Cure Bruxism for Good. Your bruxism may not be caused by a difficulty breathing during sleep just like me. But there is a good chance your solution, the one thing that will rid you of bruxism, is included in one of those three steps. Those solutions have helped me and hundred of other members get rid of their teeth grinding. I’m confident it will help you also.

Knowledge is power and the time has come for people like you and everybody else to be liberated from the suffering of bruxism.

You deserve a beautiful smile and a restful sleep.

With much love,

-Marc Livingston

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