• Get a restful sleep by creating a personal plan for stress reduction. Learn how to calm your central nervous system and jaw muscles.

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  • Studies have shown that bruxism is an arousal reaction. To reduce bruxism therefore, you need to eliminate any sleep disturbances.

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Curing Teeth Grinding

The Online Support Group

Welcome to the online support group for people suffering from teeth grinding at night, a condition called bruxism. We're passionate about helping you because, just like you, we suffered from bruxism. And we know it can affect every aspect of your life. But not any more! Select a step and say goodbye to bruxism.

"I wish I had known those steps a long time ago. I now feel fantastic when I'm waking up!"
-Eva Arlene

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Many theories to explain the causes of bruxism have been formulated over the years. Most suggest teeth grinding to be caused by more than one factor involving the whole central nervous system.
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Review: Sleep Guard Biofeedback

Could this biofeedback headband be the solution to bruxism, or is it just too good to be true? Find out by reading the latest review.
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Best Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

Choosing the best mouth guard for teeth grinding without spending a fortune can be difficult. The wrong mouth guard can cause your teeth to wear faster and create jaw pain.
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